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Saving NDPS Database Prior to Downing/Reloading the NDPS Manager

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By Bryan Keadle

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Posted: 30 Mar 2007

NDPSM (NDPS Manager) automatically backs up it's configuration database every morning at 1:00 am. If NDPSM doesn't go down cleanly (for whatever reason, like a misbehaving printer gateway) when it comes back up, it may find it's database corrupted, and then restore it's database from the last backup.

That's nice, except....

Some changes to NDPS/iPrint in the course of the day (namely, printer properties such as location information) may be lost if NDPSM is brought back up and it decides to restore from previous backup.

To avoid losing these changes, *BEFORE* attempting to restart NDPS (specifically NDPSM), first backup the database (for that matter, if you make lot's of changes, "commit" the changes immediately by doing a backup of the database.) This is easily done by this 3-step process:

  1. Go to the VOPNDPS NDPS Manager console, and select the NDPS Manager Status and Control menu option from the main menu:

  2. Select the Database Options menu item:

  3. Select the Backup Database Files menu option:

You've just committed the NDPS Printer settings to it's backup file. If NDPS goes south for whatever reason and decides it needs load it's backup database, you'll have all the changes you've committed.

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