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Enabling the Debug Options in TSAFS on NetWare

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By Dean Giles

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Posted: 30 Mar 2007

Steps for putting TSAFS.NLM into debug mode on NetWare.


Enabling the debug options in tsafs:

  1. From the file server console type:
    TSAFS /smsdebug=fffffffc /smsdebug2=fffffffc
    This will put the TSAFS into debug mode.

  2. Run any backups or restores that you know will exhibit the bad behavior. A lot of data will be written to the debug log, so try to limit your tests or data sets to the minimum needed to exhibit the problem.

  3. Then turn off the debugging by typing at the file server console:
    TSAFS /smsdebug=0 /smsdebug2=0	
  4. Collect the debug log at sys:/system/tsa/tsadbg.log and send it in for analysis.

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