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Getting Language Templates to Appear in Designer 2.0

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By Marvin Dean

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Posted: 18 Apr 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"After creating a new e-mail template in Designer 2.0 RC2 and editing it, it doesn't appear among the others in the default notification collection (I also tried updating). The working language is different from English, and I can't find the new template by only switching back to English."

And here's the response from Marvin Dean ...


We filter the templates by name and only show templates for the current language. So if you name the template without a language extenstion it will get recognized as an English Template. When you create a new template, you need to name it such that it will show up for the language you are running.

For example, if your language is German, then name the template <TemplateName>_de. This way it will show up in the notification template collection.

To change the filter,

1. Click the filter icon in the upper right corner of the outline view.

2. Select the templates and language you want to see by default.

The language codes are as follows:

  • de-German
  • es-Spanish
  • fr-French
  • it-Italian
  • ja-Japanese
  • nl-Dutch
  • pt-Portugese
  • ru-Russian
  • sv-Sweedish
  • zh-CN-Chinese Simplified
  • zh-TW-Chinese Traditional

English templates are not named with a code.

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