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Easy Adding of Custom Scripts to ZENworks Imaging Kernel

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By Jamy Smith

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Posted: 5 Apr 2007

PROBLEM: How to dynamically add custom scripts to the ZENworks Imaging Kernel without editing the initrd or other imaging files. I found it a pain that each time I needed to add a custom script to the imaging kernel that I had to edit the imaging file initrd. A solution that I thought of was to tftp a tgz from the tftp server then extract our scripts into the bin dir or other directories as desired.

SOLUTION: Create a tar gzip that contains all custom scripts. Place the file in the tftp directory. Then modify the settings.txt to bring the tgz down and extract the files.

The end result is when a custom script needs to be added to ZENworks imaging just edit the scripts.tgz.


In our case we added a directory script under
c:\Program Files\ZEN Preboot Services\tftp\Data
then added a file scripts.tgz (a tar gzip containg all custom scripts).

FYI: Our Imaging Server is a Windows2003 Server -- a Linux or NetWare system will have a different directory structure.

Edit settings.txt and add the following lines.

tftp $PROXYADDR -c get /scripts/scripts.tgz /bin/scripts.tgz
tar xvzf /bin/scripts.tgz
cd /bin

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