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OPEN CALL: Upgrading to Outlook 2003

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Updated: 19 Apr 2007

Nigel B. wrote: I have 300 locked-down Windows XP workstations that I need to upgrade from Office 97 and Outlook 2000 to Office 2003.

The installation of Office 2003 is set to remove all previous versions and install 2003. This works fine with the exception of Outlook 2000. It fails to uninstall and Outlook 2003 fails to install/update.

I have tried to run msiexe /x data1.msi within ZENworks and have tried numerous utilities to port the Administrator credentials with the uninstall. Some of these seem to work, but Outlook still fails to uninstall satisfactorily for Outlook 2003 to install.

I have tried snapshotting an uninstall, but this also fails as it seems that the 2003 install is finding something that was left over from the uninstall attempt that prevents it from installing.

Can anyone assist with this issue? A list of files/settings that need to be removed would be a great start.

OPEN CALL: If you have any ideas for this, let us know. Send your suggestions here and earn Nigel's gratitude and some Novell Rewards points for your trouble.


Lisa Deger

I have had many issues with Office 2000 not being able to go back to the installation source of the Network MSI. They no long matched because of patches that have been applied to the installation.

If the "PackageCode" does not match the installation source you will not be able to repair or uninstall. What I have done in the past is change the Installer "PackageCode". This code is different by installation, you will have to install Office 2000 from your current source and record the regkey listed below. If the PC that you are having problems uninstalling does not match, change the regkey* to the new code that you just generated from the new install. Try a repair or uninstall, both should work now.


Run REGEDIT and locate the above key.

*It is a good practice to export the key before you make any changes.

Humzah Khaial

Hi. It might help to push down Microsoft's Eraser utilities for each of Office 97 and 2000 before running the Office 2003 install.

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