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Working with Disabled Accounts

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Posted: 1 May 2007


We want to disable sending/receiving from a GroupWise account for an employee who is no longer here, but still want to be able to proxy into his account to easily pull up his past emails so that we can trackemails regarding engineering projects he was working on that are still active.

If I "expire" the account, I cannot proxy into it. If I disable it, but leave it unexpired, it still receives (and can send) emails.

Is there any easy way to do what I want?


You can disable incoming/outgoing messages through GWIA. You create a class of service with SMTP incoming/outgoing set to "prevent" and add that user to membership of that class. If you have more than one GWIA, I found it useful to do this instead:

1. Create a invisible distribution list.

2. Add that user (and any others you want to block in/out) to it.

3. Add the distribution list to the membership of the class you created in GWIA.

As for stuff arriving internally, if you set the mailbox to invisible then it shouldn't show any more. However, if people know the address (or it's in their personal address book) then there's nothing stopping them from sending to it, Still, you can always set up a rule to reply back to them saying the person is no longer there, or to inform you, or some such thing ...

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