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Using WebAdmin with GMS

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Posted: 24 Apr 2007


Is it possible to use the website as the user from Web admin, like you can from the MMC?


Yes, you can.

1. From the MMC console, create a administrator user.

2. Use your GMS URL, with "/admin" at the end.

3. To launch the WebAdmin from here, select the "Launch WebAdmin" option from the Action menu, where you will then be automatically logged in as the sysadmin administrator.

When logged in as the sysadmin administrator, you will be able to create and manage WebAdmin administrators. These administrators will be able to log in to the WebAdmin from a browser by going to "http://<server name>/admin", where "<server name>" is the name of the server that is hosting the WebAdmin.

After that, you can do the admin tasks from the Internet.

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