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Open Call - Automating GWCheck Maintenance

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Posted: 17 Apr 2007

One of our Cool Solutions readers, Denys Plamondon, wrote the following:

"I was wondering if you could post an Open Call requesting help in automating the GWCHECK feature in GroupWise to perform mailbox maintenance. I know you can run GWCHECK.exe from a command line - that's easy to schedule. The problem is, all of my users have their mailbox caches in unique locations (c:\novell\groupwise\gwstr***)

I need a tool that will create an *.opt file for GWCHECK for every user. Or, I need the ability to run mailbox maintenance on the client somehow. I have major issues with the online mailbox showing a different size then the local cache. Any suggestions would be great - thank you."

So, send your suggestions in to and let's see what we can come up with ...

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