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Moving GroupWise Clusters

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Posted: 1 May 2007


I am currently running GroupWise 7.1 on a NetWare 6.5 SP6 cluster. The current SAN has five 72GB drives that are fast running out of space for 2 POA, an MTA, GWIA, WebAccess, and IM. We have purchased 300 GB drives to fill the balance of the SAN storage. The plan is to move all of the small SAN drives onto the new larger drives and then replace the small drives once the volumes are no longer being used.

What would be the best way to accomplish the move? Can I use DBCOPY and move everything to the new drives, after creating new volumes? If so, would I create a parallel directory structure and copy into that? Will I have to change the startup files?


I did exactly this recently, and it was really easy. In my case I was moving from internal RAID disks in the servers to an external fiber-attached SAN disk. Here are the steps I used:

1. Attach the SAN and get it accessible from the servers.

2. Create a new volume on the SAN - "MAIL_NEW".

3. Use DBCOPY.NLM to copy the data. I was able to use the Netware NLM version of DBCOPY as the source and destination were both on the same server - I ran it once while the POA was running.

4. Once that is complete, shut down the POA and run it a second time, after hours. This took about 45 minutes on the second run, thus keeping the downtime to users minimal.

5. Rename the old mail volume in NSSMU to "Mail_Old" and rename the "MAIL_NEW" volume to "MAIL". Done!

6. Start the POA's and other agents. Because the volume name hadn't changed, nothing needed reconfiguring.

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