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Moving a PO between NetWare Boxes

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Posted: 8 May 2007


I need a workable procedure for moving a post office from one server to another. Here's the scenario:

  • SVR1 - MTA, GWIA, PO1
  • SVR2 - PO2
  • SVR3 - PO3
  • SVR4 - New server

I would like to move PO1 from SVR1 to SVR4. SVR1 will remain as the MTA and GWIA host.


1. Run Console One and connect to the MTA.

2. Edit the PO object to reflect the new location.

3. Edit the POA object to reflect the new server IP.

4. Edit Links Configuration to reflect the new connection.

5. Make sure that the MTA is not in UNC mode.

6. Shut down PO1; leave the MTA and GWIA running.

7. Rename WPHOST.DB to WPHOST.BAK to ensure that no one is using this db file. Leave it as WPHOST.BAK for now.

8. Copy the whole PO1 directory structure, including its library, from SVR1 to the SVR4 Mail volume.

9. Rename the PO1 directory in SVR1 to "PO1OLD".

10. From the GroupWise SDD, install the Post Office into SVR4, leaving the MTA and PO name.

The following is for installing GroupWise files only:

1. Copy Post Office startup file (po1.poa) from SVR1 to SVR4 system directory.

2. Edit .poa file to relect new post office home directory: "/home-\\svr4\mail\po1"

3. Rename SVR4\MAIL:\PO1\WPHOST.BAK to WPHOST.DB. It's recommended to run a wphost rebuild on the existing wphost.db.

*4. Make sure that the domain that you are connected to with ConsoleOne is the domain that this PO belongs to.

*5. When doing the rebuild, make sure that all links are stamped into the database of the PO.

6. Start PO1 on SVR4.

7. Check MTA to see that it recognizes that PO1 is OPEN.

*courtesy of Tommy Mikkelsen

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