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Dealing with Certificate Problems on the Palm Treo

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By Danita Zanre

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Posted: 8 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have a client who is having issues using the Treo 700 Palms with WebAccess. They keep getting the Security Message Certificate Error all the time. They click through a few times, then they get it again. I don't have the issue when I access their WebAccess with my Treo 650. What could be the issue here, besides the obvious Certificate Error?"

And here's the response from Danita Zanre ...


I did just download Opera Mini for the Treo. Not bad - no problems with my certificate! Check this out:

You also need this too, though:

And you need to do some changes to the JVM settings or it won't work at all. Go to IBM Java JVM (Prefs > IBM Java JVM) and change the settings to the following:

  • Use Double Buffering (checked ON)
  • Use High Res Coordinates (checked ON)
  • HTTP Proxy: BLANK
  • Set Memory Max: 8 MB (tap on the slider to adjust)
  • Set Maxiumum Java Thread Stack Size: 16kb (tap on the slider to adjust)

Joe Marton adds:

Just an FYI - we're using a Verisign SSL certificate and having no problems with both the Treo 650 & Treo 700p.

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