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Getting Additional Address Book Columns

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By Scott Kennedy

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Posted: 8 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I just imported the same address book twice (accidentally) into a personal address book. It has 3,900 contacts in it so deleting each duplicate entry would take too long. I thought that if I could sort by contact "creation" time then I could just get the stack that was imported last.

Besides the Formativ solution is there a way to get rid of the duplicate entries? We're running GW 7.1."

And here's the response from Scott Kennedy ...


Here's a little known way I use to get this information:

1. Create a new folder and set the "view by" under the display tab to "Panels".

2. Create a new panel and choose the AB for a new panel.

3. Save the settings.

4. Go to your new folder and let your Address Book load.

5. Right-click on the columns and choose "More columns".

You will see that you can now display several more columns that are not usually available for contacts, such as "modified" and "created" dates.

We also use this technique to display more than one address book in the client for users.

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