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Saving a Large Number of Individual E-Mails

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By Ty Theierl

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Posted: 8 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is there a batch utility that allows a user to block a range of emails and save them to a local drive, without having to sit there and specify each file name individually? For example, I just want to save the file with the subject as the name and automatically add a number at the end to make the name unique. We have an employee who is leaving and wants to save a copy of each of his email messages for security reasons. There's a massive amount of messages involved, and it's just not practical to sit there and name each file as it's saved."

And here's the response from Ty Theierl ...


In addition to the Mailsaver program (, you can now use GroupWise 7.0.2 to do that. To save emails en masse in MIME format,

1. Select the messages you want to save.

2. Right-click them and choose Save As.

3. Choose a destination and click Save.

The files will be saved with the .eml extension.

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