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Mapping Drives without having to use Active Directory or VB Script in a Clientless Environment

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By Aaron Albery

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Posted: 25 Apr 2007

ENVIRONMENT: Windows NT/2000/XP without a client

This is pretty simple and is not ideal for all situations -- for example, if the mapping is required before the user desktop has finished loading.

  1. Create a blank Application object.

  2. Go to Run Options/Launch Scripts.

  3. Enter the required mappings in the Run before Launching box. You need to use the windows format and syntax e.g.

    net use S: \\ServerName\Share\Path /persistent:no

    The /persistent:no removes the mapping on logout. This prevents problems when the command is rerun. You can add as many mappings as you want.

  4. In the script engine location enter %*WINSYSDIR%\CMD.EXE /C This runs the on NT/2000/XP. The /C on the end ensures the script completes and doesn't hang.

  5. On the Identification/Icon tab untick the Show Progress box. This just prevents the little "application is starting" box from showing.

  6. Finally go to the Associations and add the OUs, groups and users as required and set to Force Run.

Now when NAL starts up the script will run and the Windows mappings will connect.

Remember that any Windows command line stuff can be run this way, so go ahead and get creative.

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