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Running GroupWise Messenger Twice

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By Javier Otero Cantillo

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Posted: 1 May 2007


Sometimes we've needed to launch GroupWise Messenger twice (for example, to connect to two GroupWise Messenger Systems). If you double-click the GroupWise Messenger icon after it's running, it only opens the contact list.


The solution is to launch application with another local user, like this ...

runas /env /user:<local_user> "C:\NOVELL\Messenger\NMCL32.exe /ipa-<ip_server> /ipp-<port_service>"
<local_user>: local Windows XP account
<ip_server>: IP address of GW Messenger server
<ip_service>: default: 8300

Note that this script requests local user password.


You can create a shortcut with the following script:

CMD /C "runas /env /user:<local_user> "C:\NOVELL\Messenger\NMCL32.exe /ipa-<ip_server> /ipp-<port_service>""


GroupWise Messenger client version 1.0.x and Windows XP

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