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Placing Users in Contexts with the IDM Mapping Table

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By David Gersic

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Posted: 2 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have created a mapping table with 3 columns (Location, Department and Context Code). I would like to create a placement rule that places the users in the correct eDirectory context, based on the Context code. The locations and department names in the table match the OUs in the tree. Does anyone know how to create a placement rule to use the mapping table?"

And here's the response from David Gersic ...


Here's one I did. I used departmentNumber as the index in to the mapping table, and I put a default phone number attribute on the user as part of the create:

 <description>Add Department Phone Number</description>
   <if-class-name mode="nocase" op="equal">User</if-class-name>
  <do-add-dest-attr-value name="Telephone Number">
    <token-map dest="Default Phone Number" src="Department Number"
table="\[root]\niu\IDM\Policy and Data Library\Department Data Mapping
     <token-op-attr name="departmentNumber"/>

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