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Creating a New SDD Directory for SP Installs

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Posted: 22 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I seem to recall there being some good instructions around here on creating a new SDD for a new support pack that comes out. I can't remember, but I think it had to do with totally wiping out the old SDD, creating the new one on your C:\, then copying it to the network location. Any tips or details?"

And here are the responses from Joe Marton and Timothy Leerhoff ...


Joe Marton

1. Run the SP install.

2. When it asks for the GroupWise CD, point it to your existing SDD so that it can grab the dictionary files.

3. Then when it asks where to create the SDD, specify a new path.

I just did this today, creating M:\software.702. Voila - fresh and clean SDD.

Afterwards you can either rename directories so that the new SDD winds up using the same path as the old one, or you can define a new SDD in C1. Your call.

Timothy Leerhoff

Basically, you will either need the previous SDD or the original SP0 CD. So don't wipe out the old one until you are ready.

Assuming you are wanting to create a GroupWise 7 SP2 SDD and have a GroupWise 7 SP0 or 1 SDD in place:

1. Explode SP2 to a directory on your C: drive (i.e. c:\sdd702).

2. Launch the setup.exe from the root.

3. Continue the install through when it asks you for the CD/SDD and point to the old SDD.

4. Stop the install.

5. Burn the c:\sdd702 directory to a CD/DVD as it is now an overlay.

6. You can copy this to your GW server but do NOT set it as the SDD yet. as your users will be notified to upgrade their client when you are not ready yet.


1. Start the upgrade with the Primary domain.

2. Upgrade secondary domains/POs under the primary domain.

3. Upgrade GWIA.

4. Upgrade WA.

5. Upgrade the clients.

6. Set up the new SDD as the SDD for the system.

Yes, stop the install prior to creation of the SDD. At this point the C: directory is a SDD, minus the clients. You can add those later by hand.

You can now copy this to a new SDD location. In my experience, I never overwrite an SDD - I ALWAYS create a new one in a new location.

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