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Posted: 22 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have a NetWare 6.5 server running GroupWise 6.5. I would like to upgrade to GroupWise 7.x. I just purchased new server hardware and am pondering which way to take the migration - move over to OES Linux, or stay with NetWare 6.5. I have had some problems running other services (iPrint, Netstorage) on OES Linux and would like some feedback on how GroupWise fares on OES.

Also, before I migrate, should I upgrade my current system to GroupWise 7? The server will be running our main web server, Netstorage and Virtual Office. Any advice/feedback appreciated."

And here are a few responses from the GroupWise Forum ...


Tim Heywood

In my experience, if you get the OES part right, GroupWise 7 on SLES/OES works great! Get it only 50% right and you get a headache of monumental proportions ...

If I were to install a new GroupWise server for ourselves, it would be Linux every time. But then again, I have some experience, and I have a number of good Linux people to call upon.

Mixing GroupWise WebAccess with Netstorage and VO is not a bad thing, but I have a base policy that says never let web services run on a PO server - that way when the Web Services get attacked (and they will), the PO is not affected.

Alan Evans

I love GroupWise on Linux - so far I am using GWIA, GWINTER and WebAccess on Linux, and they are rock solid! The single biggest advantage I find is the stability of Linux vs NetWare. Sure, the NetWare developers have done a great job, but too many things run in the OS Memory space and can cause the machine to behave funny after a "recoverable abend" or even after a module simply going berzerk. On Linux, each process is in its own memory sandbox in user space, so if a process crashes it's really no big deal. Plus, kill -9 or kill -15 would have solved a lot of problems I've had with modules not unloading on NetWare ...

As far as to upgrade before or not ... I would say it depends on your timing and how comfortable you are with Linux Administration. If you are not comfortable with Linux Admin this adds another step once you've moved to Linux.

That being said, I myself would probably upgrade to GroupWise 7 on NetWare, where you are probably familiar with the upgrade process. Let the system mellow a few days to see if any problems crop up, then begin the migration process.

You might double check the migration documentation too - maybe there is a recommendation in there:

Timothy Leerhoff

I would also install a secondary domain on the web server. If you have ever had a corrupt domain, it is a real pain in a single-domain environment. If you have a secondary domain, you can EASILY rebuild the primary from the secondary.

The secondary domain is a copy of the primary. This is similar to NDS replication, a master (Primary) and a RW (Secondary). The domains communicate between each other and with the POAs/Gateways under them.

You can set up a secondary domain on the web server to handle the inter-server GroupWise communication and to add a copy of your system database to the system.

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