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Posted: 3 May 2007

SecureWave today announced a working relationship with Novell to help enterprises develop and enforce security policies for the acceptable use of removable storage devices and applications by end users. Under the agreement, Novell will resell the SecureWave Sanctuary suite globally alongside Novell ZENworks.

Unapproved applications can create a security threat or erode user productivity; malware and spyware waste precious network management resources; and plug-in storage devices can be the means to remove intellectual property or confidential information. With the combined Novell and SecureWave solution, customers can ensure compliance with privacy regulations, enforce and audit application and device usage policies and improve security at the network's most risk-prone point - the desktop.

"Granting access based on identity and policies allows organisations to comply with IT operating standards and assure their IT environments are protected and immune from both inadvertent and malicious acts," said Joe Wagner, general manager of systems and resource management at Novell. "With ZENworks and Sanctuary, administrators will be able to reduce costs and enhance user productivity by securing desktops and laptops from security and data integrity threats such as malware attacks and unmanaged USB devices."

Sanctuary uses the same user, group and endpoint device identities as Novell's system, identity and security management solutions to enforce security guidelines. Benefiting from a consistent approach to identity, customers can reduce their overhead costs and more easily administer and manage policies.

"SecureWave shares Novell's vision of identity-driven, policy-based security management," said Dennis Szerszen, vice president of marketing and corporate development at SecureWave. "Sanctuary complements ZENworks well by providing the first line of defence when it comes to protecting and securing corporate assets."

SecureWave Sanctuary 3.2 recently added support for Novell eDirectory, complementing the identity-centric management approach of Novell ZENworks. With integrated eDirectory support, users can enforce Sanctuary's policy-based security according to each user's role. Administrators can also audit blocked access attempts with removable media devices, including what data was sought and by whom, to ensure regulatory compliance and IT governance.

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