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Using ICE to Create External Entities from a Delimited File

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By Jim Henderson

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Posted: 16 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm familiarizing myslef with ICE to import objects into edirectory from a delimited file (csv and/or txt). I've succeded in importing/creating users from a CSV or TXT file with no problems. However, I'm want to know if it's possible to create object other then user objets...can we create External Entities from a delimited file.

I know it can be done from an LDIF file but I need to do it from a delimited file. I'm able to extract any type of information using ICE to a delimited file. For example the following will extract all external entities:

ice  -S LDAP -s <server> -d cn=admin,o=organization -w password -b 
o=organization -c sub -F"(objectClass=external entity)" -D DELIM -f 
c:output.txt -t cn

The problem is when I import this file in to my test environment, it creates everything as user objects instead of external entities."

And here's the response from Jim Henderson ...


You need to export more than just CN. What you might do is take the LDIF file that does the creation and translate it to delimited. You could use a command like this:

ice -S LDIF -f file.ldif -D DELIM -t field1,field2,field3 -f

Make sure you specify all attributes (including objectClass) in the parameters for -t.

Then when you do the import, make sure you use the same list for -t that you used in your conversion from LDIF.

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