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Speeding Up Syncsort Backup Express eDirectory Backup with Embox

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By Michael Alexander

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Posted: 9 May 2007


Syncsort Backup Express eDirectory backup using embox was extremely slow. eDirectory backup was taking hours to complete.


The solution is to use the unsecure embox port. Because embox runs locally on the server, there isn't the need to use the secure ports, so you can switch the options to using the insecure port (generally it's 8008; see the eDirectory/embox documentation for how to determine the ports used).

To do that, the following files need to be modified:

  • SYS:\ETC\SSEVTHND - should have --edirport8008 added (you may need to create the file)
  • SYS:\ETC\SSEDIRBK - should have -n added to the line (earlier versions of BEX also had -e which should be removed, which is not a supported embox option any more)

After those changes, I ran an eDirectory backup on the server, and it only took about 10 minutes from submission of the backup until it reported being completed.


  • Syncsort Backup Express 2.35.2 (though problem existed in earlier versions as well)
  • eDirectory 8.7
  • NW6.5sp5 w/post sp5 patches

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