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Extensions for PHP 5.0.5

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Rodney Crossman

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Posted: 4 May 2007

This tip was sent in by Rodney Crossman.


The Novell supplied php 5.0.5 has very few extensions, some of which do not actually work, such as the php_gd extension.


Guenter Knauf has been kind enough to compile a large list of php extensions compatible with Novell's php 5.0.5 release. Info and download links are available at

A direct link to the latest build as of this coolsolution posting is


First backup your sys:/php5 directory.

To use these files simply download and extract them to the root of your sys volume, then edit sys:/php5/php.ini and add only the extensions you need. Most of the module load statements are in php.ini.add.

Once you have made the appropriate changes you can reload php by reloading your apache2 using the ap2webdn and ap2webup for the main apache instance as well as admsrvdn and admsrvup for the apache2 admin instance.

You should now have many more usable php extensions available for use.

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