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Seeing the Novell Address Book with Both GroupWise and Outlook Installed

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By Aldous Leung

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Posted: 5 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have a user who would like to use Outlook 2002 for his personal mail and GroupWise for work (since that's what we use). His Outlook is set up correctly, and he sees his e-mail from his personal account and all his contacts.

However, in GroupWise he doesn't see the company address book (Novell System Address Book) nor any of the default Novell ones. He can't add any, either.

How do we go about putting the Novell address books back in? We're running GroupWise 7.0 SP1 Interim Release for client and server end. The user's PC is Windows XP."

And here's the response from Aldous Leung ...


I am using both OL and GW on my notebook. Here's what you need to do:

1. Set up two profiles (one for Outlook and one for GroupWise).

2. Set the GW profile as default and set it to prompt for profile selection each time. (Since GW will never prompt for profile, you need to make it as the default so that GroupWise will use the correct profile). When starting Outlook, the user can select the Outlook profile manually.

3. If the user wants to use both GroupWise and Outlook at the same time, please ask him to start GroupWise first. (Otherwise, GroupWise will use the Outlook profile.)

At first, the user may not see the GroupWise address book. When user has both GroupWise and Outlook started, the user must access the GroupWise address book first, before Outlook (just once). Otherwise, GroupWise will use the Outlook address book until the user exits Outlook.

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