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Identical Usernames in Different POs with GMS

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By Georg Fritsch

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Posted: 19 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"In GroupWise, it is possible to have identical usernames in different POs. GMS1 and GMS2 do not understand this really simple concept. For example:

User 'A' in PO 'Z' has Password '1'.
User 'A' in PO 'Y' has Password '2'.

The first time I log in to GMS2, I log in as user 'A' with Password '1'! (from PO 'Z'). Guess what - GMS shows the information from user 'A' from the PO 'Y'!"

And here's the response from Georg Fritsch ...


With a Trusted Application setup I was successful in getting the login to point to the correct PO, only if I do the following:

1. Create all POs I will need as their own settings under Novell GroupWise/Email Accelerator.

2. Change the Default/Novell Groupwise/Email Accelerator setting to point to the specific PO for the new user.

3. Log in via the web as the new user. A new user gets created with the correct PO. (The default already points to the correct one, and (in this case) no broken redirection takes place)

4. Change the Default setting back to the normal one.

Note: Changing the IP address to point to a different PO in the Default Setting dialog clears the Trusted Application Key. So, be sure to have this key somewhere (or create a new one).

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