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Firefox Default Browser Script that Enables URLs and Attachments

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By Randy Wilson

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Posted: 15 May 2007


GroupWise 7.0 for Linux does not let you set the default web browser, and the system default set via Yast does not work either. A previous workaround runs the right web browser, but disables the ability to open other files such as spreadsheets that are attached.


In the page at there is a script that sends clicked URLs to Firefox explicitly. However, non-URL files such as .xls spreadsheets also get sent to Firefox with that script. The following script supports both URLs and attachments:

# Script to redirect URLs sent to Konquerer to instead
#  be sent to Firefox.  GroupWise uses Konquerer for its
#  browser even though it's supposed to use the system
#  default, which is set to Firefox.

# get a lower-case version of the second argument
export second=`echo $2 | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]'`
# see if the second argument starts with 'http' or 'ftp', in which case it needs to go to firefox
if [ ${second:0:5} == "http:" ] || [ ${second:0:3} == "ftp:" ]; then
  # Groupwise also includes the word "exec" before its URL,
  #  so we strip that off first if it is there.
  if [ $1 == "exec" ]; then
  # Send the remaining arguments to firefox
  /usr/bin/firefox "$@"
  /opt/kde3/bin/kfmclient.bak "$@"


  • SUSE Linux 10.2
  • GroupWise 7.0

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