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Customizing the GMS Port

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By John Fuge

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Posted: 15 May 2007


I have several GMS servers running on port 444 instead of 443, because we can't get more than one IP from the ISP, and we were using 443 for GroupWise WebAccess. Previous to the upgrade, we had set up GMS on port 444. We followed the easy steps in the Getting Started Guide in the extracted directory structure for the upgrade, to complete the upgrade. However, devices would not sync, and we could not access the server on port 444 any more.


The upgrade process does not check to see if services were set up on a different port, so it uses the default 443 port. To fix the problem:

1. On the server, edit this file:
c:\program files\Intellisync Mobile Suite\CommSvr\conf\

2. Remove the # in front of the "HttpSSLPort=443" line and change the "443" to the port you're using.

You can modify the setting for regular http here, as well.


  • GroupWise 7 SP1 INT 1
  • GMS 2 (Current version)

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