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Load-Balancing with WebAccess

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Robert Charles Mahar

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Posted: 12 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"We are run GroupWise 7 and have installed the 7r1 patches. We are creating a second WebAccess agent and I would like to know how to load balance between this agent and the current one we have running. Any information would be helpful."

And here's the response from Robert Mahar ...


We have several WebAccess servers, and our official links to them are built dynamically. It's something like this ...

(Warning: I write drivers in C and assembler, not Javascript, so you will want to pass this to your web developer. They should be able to figure out what we are doing - and why I cannot type.)

<script language=Javascript type="text/javascript">
var linkString="Groupwise WebAccess";
var hostPrefix="WebAccess";
var domainSuffix=".your.domain";
document.write( "<a href=" + "https://" + hostPrefix + ( new 
Date().getSeconds() % 3 ) + domainSuffix">" + linkString + "</a>");

This will sort of randomly select links:


If you cannot calculate the URL, use a hard-coded array and use

( new Date().getSeconds() % 3 )
as the index into the array.

We find that this spreads the load very evenly. For example, right now we have 101, 97, and 105 users currently using the three servers, respectively. And that's pretty decent load balancing.

See also the Cool Solutions GroupWise 6.5 Best Practices Guide at:
for additional guidelines on load balancing techniques.

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