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Mass Import of Users

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By Scott Owen

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Posted: 16 May 2007


Automating the mass import of users. I got tired of adding 1-2-3 users at a time as kids move into the district. The teachers were getting frustrated in the time that it took (sometimes) for me to get around to entering new students. So I tried to figure out a way to automate the task. I realized I could have our data import file (in .csv format) created on our AS400, then FTP that file down to a station for importing. I can have that done two or three times a day, if necessary.


The EMUScript.AHK script (in .zip format) automatically imports users into NDS using the information from the EMU sample 100_user.csv file. You can change/edit the import file name/location and select a specific location (O=, OU=) to import users into. This script can be made into a standalone executable and then set up to run as a scheduled task on a dedicated machine.


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