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Blocking Google Searches via NBM Proxies

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By Daniel Griswold

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Posted: 16 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is there any way with Bordermanager to block certain search terms? We use Connectotel to filter access, but the kids are constantly finding new proxies to bypass the filters to get to Myspace, etc. I must add 10 new proxies a day to the block lists. They all seem to get there by entering "unblock myspace" in Google and trying all the proxies until one works. If I could block the search term I could slow them down a little."

And here's the response from Daniel Griswold ...


We added a deny rule for search terms:



Google uses q=, Yahoo uses b=

If you use cygwin or a clone, you can do a grep for "q=" and pull all the search terms out of a log.

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