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Controlling Notification of a New GroupWise Client

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By James Barkun

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Posted: 15 May 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"When I change the PO to the new SDD and then close and re-open my GroupWise, I get the "there is a new client available" message. I'd rather they not be notified until the upgrade is ready to go."

And here's the response from James Barkun ...


If you want to avoid notifying the clients of a new version until you're ready to roll it out, then do the following:


2. In CLIENT\SOFTWARE.INF file change the BuildNumber to 0 (actually comment out the current line and add a new one, with the BuildNumber of 0)

3. When you're ready to roll out the client you simply change the ENABLED to YES and remove the 0 BuildNumber and uncomment the original build#.

I also find that one force update check is not enough, as some may already have that same bump# (I don't know why they set it up to be this complicated ...) So after you've done the force update, and all or most of your clients have logged in, do it again to catch the clients that had the same bump#. There may still be some stragglers later though, who didn't happen to log in either time and have the same bump# that your second force-update created ...

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