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Changing DNS Server Configuration in Workstations with fixed IP Address using ZENworks

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By Javier Otero Cantillo

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Posted: 11 May 2007

Would you like to change DNS server configuration in Windows XP workstations in a fixed IP address environment using ZENworks? You can publish a ZENworks application with the next command:

CMD /K "netsh interface ip delete dns "Local Area Connection" <old_IP_of_DNS_server> || netsh interface ip add dns "Local Area Connection" <new_IP_of_DNS_server>"

Note in another codepages (i.e. Spanish) some special characters (accents) of native translation of "Local Area Connection" do not match. You can write them with EDIT of Console and save it. Next, you can open file with Windows NOTEPAD and Copy/Paste in ZENworks application properties.

Also, note this is for an environment of workstations with only one NIC. If there are two or more NICs, they'll be named "Local Area Connection 2", "Local Area Connection 3", etc., and the script fails.

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