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Creating a DFS Junction on OES Linux

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By Florian Deckert

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Posted: 11 May 2007


Creating a DFS Junction on OES Linux.


Depending on the documentation, DFS is not supported on OES linux, but you can actually create DFS junctions on Linux. :-)

Say you want to create a junction to volume server_VOL1 located in context ou=Location.o=Organisation in tree TREE.

First you'll have to find the 16 bytes DFS GUID for volume server_VOL1. Open Console1 and get server_VOL1 property dialog, than head to tab "Other" and attribute DFS-Volume-Guid. Be aware that Console1 only shows the 26 first chars of the GUID - to get the full GUID you'll have to edit the attribute in hexadecimal and list the 32 chars in uppercase like "60ABA3FA97F9DB0180006F593D784E09".

Connect then to the server with SSH and head to the folder you want to create the junction in:

# cd /media/nss/VOL1/junctions

Create a symlink to the NDS name followed by the DFS GUID:

# ln -s /../junction/.server_VOL1.Location.Organisation.TREE./0x 60ABA3FA97F9DB0180006F593D784E09 junction_name
# ls -l
lrwxrwxrwx  1 fdeckert users         7 May  5 13:32 junction_name -> /../junction/.server_VOL1.Location.Organisation.TREE./0x60ABA3FA97F9DB0180006F593D784E09

Be aware that the NDS name is case sensitive, enter the tree name in uppercase, and don't forget to add a leading and a trailing dot around the NDS name.


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