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Copying Users Between GroupWise Systems in a Tree

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Posted: 7 Aug 2007


I need to fundamentally *copy* users from one post office/domain on a Netware server, to another completely different domain/po on a completely different server at another site, so that their calendar data as well as mail all exists in both locations.

Complicating it, the first PO/domain is on a Netware server and the second PO/domain is on a Windows 2003 server. If there is a way to bring the entire database over and use it on the new domain, I could do that, but the domain and PO names are completely different in the two locations. I don't know of a way to bring the data over with a domain/PO of entirely different name (or how to modify the name so that the new name reads the data from the old).


I've just moved 7 users from one GroupWise system in one tree, to a new GroupWise system in another tree.

I did the following:

1. Noted their FileID (important to know it).

2. Archived the mail.

3. Copied it to CD's.

4. Moved it the couple of hundred kilometers that was needed.

5. Removed the accounts (as our GW systems are connected as foreign systems, there shouldn't be doubled names).

At the new system I created the groupwise accounts as usual, but before they opened their clients, I did the following:

1. Deactivated the GW-plugins in ConsoleOne.

2. Went to the 'other' pane one the user object and changed the automatically assigned FileID to the one they had in the old system. This way the mails can be unarchived by the users, without any further work.

Quite easy, though it takes some time.

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