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Transferring GroupWise to Another Server, from NWSB

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By Tim Heywood

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Posted: 12 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have set up a basic NWSB 6.6 and copied the all the data and GroupWise. I haven't created any users, etc. The GroupWise files are in a folder called GWBAK.

How can I make GW work on the new Server? Do I have to create the users as normal and install GW 6.0 on this server? Where do I copy the GWBAK file original that was in sys:mail (GWBAK contains the whole mail folder)? Is there a procedure to transfer GW to another server?"

And here's the response from Tim Heywood ...


Please note this is a customized routine for an NSBS move with the added steps required by coming from an old NSBS 5.1 system

On the new 6.6 NSBS sever - you have created a server with a sys volume and data volume. Let us say that you have also created a new GW volume that we will call "gwdata" (because we can!)

In the root of gwdata we have restored the data from our late lamented Server (RIP) with the GWDOM in the root. First, we will move the whole of the gwdom/gwpo so that in the root we have just the GWDOM and GWPO folders. We are then going to install GroupWise 7 (as per the license from NSBS6.6).

1. Open ConsoleOne (with the GroupWise Snapins).

2. Graft in the GW system - it will ask you where you want to create the users. See:

3. Install as per the normal routine for an upgrade (run install from agents folder).

4. Place the agents in sys:\system and point the installer to the domain and PO folders as it asks. This will update the .MTA and .POA files in sys:\system and create/place the startup files there too.

Before we start the domain and post office, we need to fix where they think they are.

5. Open the domain with a copy of ConsoleOne with the GroupWise snapins. It will take a long time to connect to the domain and to open the properties of the domain - this is normal, as it is trying to connect to the wrong path.

6. Once it's open, correct the path for the domain.

7. Close and re-open ConsoleOne, and you will see the open being much faster!

8. Change the path for the PO.

9. If the IP address of the server has changed, then you will also want to change the details of the POA and the MTA and alter the link config between the domain and PO.

Once this is completed, you need to ensure that the details are propagated throughout the domain and PO databases.

10. Rebuild the domain. When it asks for a path, use c:\temp and create the new wpdomain on the local workstation.

11. Close ConsoleOne.

12. Rename the old wpdomain.db and then move the new one from c:\temp to gwdata:\gwdom

13. Once the move is complete, open ConsoleOne again and check the details of the domain and PO as listed.

14. Rebuild the PO - same process: build to c:\temp ...

15. Start the domain (look in the sys:\system\grpwise.ncf for the correct syntax).

16. Once it's started, make a cup of tea - and then check that the version of the domain is now shown as 7.

17. When this happens, stop the domain and then fire off the grpwise.ncf to load both the domain and the PO.

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