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Editing the ZLM Database to Change Custom Targets

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By Lothar Haeger

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Posted: 17 May 2007

ENVIRONMENT: ZENworks Linux Management 7.x

PROBLEM: In ZLM 7.x default platform targets cannot be disabled, but slow down certain operations significantly, even if completely unused.

Also after an upgrade from ZLM 7.0 to ZLM 7.2, SLES/SLED custom targets remain to be "custom defined", even though SLES/SLED are now standard target platforms. This tip shows how to edit the ZLM database to change the above settings that are not accessible through the UI.

SOLUTION: You'll need a Windows PC and MS Access or something similar:

  1. Get the postgressl ODBC driver from
  2. In Windows, define a DSN that points to the database "zenworks" on your ZLM server. As username specify "zenadmin", take the password from /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/secret
  3. Connect to the DB (e.g. using MS Access) and edit columns "enabled" and/or "userdefined" in table "public.os_targets" according to your needs.
  4. Open ZCC - Configuration - Platform and verify the new settings

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