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Solution for Error: Could not initialize nwtermio terminfo database

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By Anthony Keaveney

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Posted: 16 May 2007


The SYS:USR directory was corrupt and now the server will not boot.

The server abends when mounting the SYS volume and gives the error:

Error: Count not initialize nwtermio terminfo database.


After following TID3635080 I had no luck.

I then followed TID10077587 which allowed me to create a file called NSSstart.cfg in the servers C:\NWSERVER directory so it would not mount any of the Pools or Volumes. As soon as I mounted the SYS volume the server would abend, all other volumes would mount fine.

I then renamed the SYS volume to SYSOLD using NSSMU and was then able to mount it. It was then I could see that key files were missing from the SYS:USR directory when I compared it to another server. Although the SYS Volume was now mounted, albeit under a different name I was still unable to make any changes to the volume to copy the correct files over as SYS was not mounted correctly allowing me no execution of commands or connectivity.

I then decided to leave the SYS volume named as SYSOLD and renamed the SYS Pool to SYSOLD also, I booted the server with the NetWare 6.5 SP5 installation CD. I then recreated the DOS partition and planned on creating another SYS Pool/Volume in a dummy tree but had no available free disk space on the server as I was currently using all the space available.

I then booted the server again with the NW65SP5 installation CD and reduced the DOS partition from the 2GB currently allocated to 200-300MB. I then proceded to install NetWare onto a new SYS volume in a Dummy Tree maintaining all the current volumes on the server. I chose a bare minimum installation to save space on the limited disk space I had available. Once the installation was finished I booted the server and copied the SYS:USR directory from the new SYS volume to the SYSOLD volume replacing what was there.

I then created the NSSstart.cfg again in the servers C:\NWSERVER directory so no Pools or Volumes would mount mount on startup. I then renamed the new SYS Pool and SYS Volume to SYSOLDNEW and renamed the old SYSOLD Pool and Volume to SYS. When I then rebooted the server (after deleting nsstart,cfg), and it finally booted correctly.

I then deleted the SYSOLDNEW Pool and Volume and ran dsrepair to clear any errors. I also double checked the settings in Monitor as some settings such as Opportunistic locking had reverted back to standard which affected our database.

The server has been up and running for a month since the original problem and fix and has been running absolutely fine since.


Novell NetWare 6.5 Support Pack 5

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