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Reinstalling GroupWise Agents on a New Server

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By Paul Caron

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Posted: 29 May 2007


Installing GroupWise on a NetWare server works great. But what happens if you outgrow your server, and you perform a hardware migration and have to reinstall GroupWise agents on the new server?


I've been doing this since GroupWise 6.03 days - I put the NLMs at the same location as the Post Office database. All of our POs are in a location similar to \\server\vol1\postx - I wind up putting the NLMs in the postx folder. This way, when the server hardware needs to be replaced, I just backup and restore the VOL1 volume contents to the new server. You, of course, would have to change any server names and IP addresses as you normally would with a server migration.

This approach also makes viewing the current NLMs for GroupWise nice and tidy.


  • NetWare 5.0 and up
  • GroupWise 6.03 and up

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