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Using Links with iMonitor Tracing

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Veli-Matti Luotonen

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Posted: 6 Jun 2007


Have you ever felt that tracing the IDM events with iMonitor trace is difficult, with so much information on the trace screen? Wouldn't it be easier to read a trace of only one event? And what about easily turning the trace screen on and off whenever you need to - without clicking so many links, each in a different location on the screen ...

  • Trace Configuration link
  • Turn Trace Off Button
  • Turn Trace On Button
  • Update Button
  • Trace Live Link
  • Update button


I noticed that you can make shortcuts from the buttons you need to click - and arrange them in static locations above the trace screen.


1. Browse to trace configuration screen and click the Trace Off button.

2. Drag & drop the link on the address bar to a Bookmark toolbar. Now the Trace Off button can be accessed on static location on Link toolbar.

3. Make the display name something shorter and more descriptive by choosing Link properties and changing the Name (for example, "TRC Off" ...)

4. Repeat this by clicking the Trace On button and the Update button (from the Trace Screen).

Those three links are all you need to get going ...


I used Firefox.

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