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Workaround for Installing NBM 3.9

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By Chris Mosentine

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Posted: 13 Jun 2007


My BorderManager 3.9 upgrade installation did not proceed smoothly. The installation failed immediately after accepting the license agreement (which was for BM 3.8). The failure in the ni.log indicated a Java class failure. I tried a few suggested remedies, but no luck.


While scanning TIDs, I came across TID 10095618. This a BorderManager 3.8 issue, and the description resembled mine nicely. So I edited products.dat using the prodsync menu. I changed my NICI version from 2.7.2 to 2.7.0. (By the way, version 2.7.2 gets installed if you apply the ss204nw patch.)

I rebooted and reran the installation - BINGO. The license agreement came up for 3.9, and installation proceeded from there. Then I went back and changed products.dat back to its state before installation (NICI back to 2.7.2).

Note: I had the following non-show-stopper issues:

1. x stopped updating the screen about 90% thru the install, and I had to restart the server. I continued the installation a second time; x crashed again, but recovered.

2. Filters did not migrate correctly - I had to run fillattr.ncf to correct this. See Craig Johnson's web site for the EXACT parameters to pass.

3. iManager plugins did not install properly. I had to remove them, restart Tomcat, and reinstall them manually.

Now I have a running 3.9 installation.

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