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Restoring a Missing "Show Desktop" Icon to Quick Launch Toolbar

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By Garth Lahana

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Posted: 31 May 2007

PROBLEM: Missing "Show Desktop" icon on the quick launch toolbar.
SOLUTION: Re-create the file with a NAL Application

An annoyance that I've had for some time is that when a user has removed the all important "Show Desktop" shortcut from the quick launch toolbar, I always copied the file from a location on the network to the active toolbar, but that wasn't the nicest of solutions, until I figured out how to do this with a ZEN application object.

I created an application that re-creates the "Show Desktop" icon on the current user's quick launch toolbar.

Firstly create a simple application in ConsoleOne, giving it an appropriate name and using the standard settings. Once it's created, copy the following script into the Run before Launching: section under Run Options, Launch Scripts section of the application object.
@echo off
echo [Shell] > "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf"
echo Command=2 >> "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf"
echo IconFile=explorer.exe,3 >> "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf"
echo "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf"
echo [Taskbar] >> "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf"
echo Command=ToggleDesktop >> "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf"
move /Y "%Temp%\Show Desktop.scf" "%userprofile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch"

The script engine is "%COMSPEC% /C" without the quotation marks, and the extension is ".bat" also without quotation marks.

For the rest, the application needs to be associated with user(s) and have the correct OS dependencies, and any other fine-tuning settings you may require.

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