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Using Multi-Language GroupWise Scripts with NSL

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By David Guest

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Posted: 13 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"The company I am working for is expanding outside Sweden, so we want to give our users different languages in the GroupWise client.

I am using the prebuilt script for Groupwise Notify in SecureLogin version The English version of the client is working perfectly with the prebuilt script. But when I change the client to use Swedish, it stops working. This is because the title and dialog in the script are not matching the client, when running in a language other than English.

I want to be able to start GroupWise with Swedish, French, Norwegian, and a few other languages - and have SecureLogin work properly."

And here's the response from David Guest ...


Personally, I would do the following:

1. Create a set of Generic scripts called Groupwise-en, Groupwise-se, Groupwise-it etc.

2. Copy the contents of the standard GroupWise script into these generic scripts.

3. Edit them to be specific to the language you want to use. This means changing every dialog set to match the language you are using.

4. Modify the master GW script to be something like this:

Include Groupwise-en
Include Groupwise-se
Include Groupwise-it

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