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Getting a List of FIDs

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Posted: 26 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Is there an easy way to get a list of the FIDs associated with users that I could store, in case one of them gets deleted?"

And here are responses from Charles Ransom and Paul Lamontagne ...


Charles Ransom

I use NDS Exporter to export that info into a text file for reference:

This Delphi application let you perform almost any query on the NDS. You select a class of NDS object, some properties you want to collect, additional conditions on values (exist, not exist, equal, greater, less, between, contains...), exportation options (delimiters...), and then send the ouput of the search to a rich-text edit.

Results can be edited (copy, paste, find, replace..) and saved to a text file suitable for importation to databases products. A common use is to edit the output file and re-inject it into the NDS using Uimport for a bulk modification. Queries can be saved/reloaded both in "internal format" or in "SQL-like" syntax.

Paul Lamontagne

Depending on how many users you have ...

1. In ConsoleOne, highlight a post office.

2. Select users in the drop-down list and do a FID sort.

This lists each user in the PO and the FID. No third-party software is necessary.

You could also do a Print Screen to capture, scroll down, and print the screen again. This is not the most sophisticated way, but it works ...

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