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Protecting GroupWise Archive Paths

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By Mark Clark

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Posted: 26 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have set up a global Groupwise archive root with each user having his own subfolder beneath this root, mapping to the X: drive. Thus, user1 maps x: to server:archive/user1. Then I hardcode and lock the Archive path to the X: drive in ConsoleOne.

However, what I'm now finding is that users are using their X: drives to store personal files (they have a separate O: drive for that use) and I'm even having users accidently delete their archives.

I would like to lock down or hide their X: drive so they can't access or mess with it, but so that Groupwise would still be able to get to it. I've tried removing the "F" flag in their rights, and while that hides the individual files, they can still see and delete folders.

Is their any way I can protect this path or hide it while still ensuring that Groupwise can use it as well?"

And here's the response from Mark Clark ...


We have a similar setup, in that we have a global archive on the network. However, we do not map drives to this archive. In GroupWise, we have a UNC path to the archive. The user does not know anything about this archive unless they go to the File Locations section of GroupWise. Futhermore, the archive base folder is marked as hidden, so it doesn't show up in Explorer. Finally, for NetWare rights, we have "E" and "F" shut off, so users cannot delete files or view files. This setup has worked fine for us for about 3-4 years now.

We don't map anything manually. It just happens automatically in GroupWise.

Here's how we did it:

1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the domain object and select GroupWise Utilities > Client Options.

2. In the Environment section, click the File Location tab.

3. In the Archive Directory, UNC path, enter the base directory, such as \\GWVOL\GWDATA\archive.

You can lock this setting so user's can't change it if you want (we did). Then when GW wants to create an archive, or the user creates one by archiving an item, they will have an "of<xxx>arc" folder automatically created under this base folder. Their GroupWise client will then show \\GWVOL\GWDATA\archive\of<xxx> arc as their archive path.

As I mentioned before, in NetWare we were able to shut off the File Scan right because GroupWise knows what files it wants, and the user doesn't have to be able to scan them. We were also able to shut off the Erase right, and it hasn't seemed to cause any problems that we have seen. The only Windows right we set was Hidden on the base folder (\\GWVOL\GWDATA\archive), which carried down to the subfolders.

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