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Scrubbing eDirectory 8.8 on Linux

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By Aaron Burgemeister

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Posted: 22 Aug 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"Anyone know if there is a utility for eDirectory 8.8 on Linux?"

And here's the response from Aaron Burgemeister ...


Read the lines from instances.<uid> (usually 0 since your eDirectory instance is probably owned by 'root', whose UID is 0).

That file lists all of the nds.conf files, one for each instance of eDirectory on there. Those nds.conf files mention all other directories related to the instance. Usually your DIB (in dibdir) is under your data directory (vardir, I think). If they're separate, delete them both - if not, just get the parent directory.

When done delete nds.conf as referenced originally in instances.<uid> file. When done with an entry remove it (its line) from instances.<uid>. If that's empty, you can remove it as well.

This doesn't take care of NICI which you may or may not want to remove. If you do, it lives in /var/opt/novell/nici (softlinked also from /var/novell/nici to that location) and it has a conf file in /etc/opt/novell/nici.cfg (linked-to from /etc/nici.cfg).

As a side note for anybody interested, the script (CoolSolution at does backups of eDirectory following this same set of steps. This is the same logic 'ndsmanage' and the other 8.8 scripts use to find instances. You could take a backup with and then look at the generated .tar files and find all files related to a DIB that way.

Note: Some NICI files are shared, so removing them for one instance could break them all.

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