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IDM Pushback Rule for Password Changes

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By Jeffrey Johnson

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Posted: 27 Jun 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm trying to create a pushback rule on password changes on a eDir2eDir driver with a distribution password. I have pushback rules working on regular attributes, but I can't get it to work here. Is this possible to do?"

And here's the response from Jeff Johnson ...


Here is a rule I have on the publisher-matching of an eDir2eDir driver. If a certain criteria is met on this match, the password is pushed back. This may help you.

	<description>If match found on ADD force Vault password back to NOS if Staff or Faculty</description>
			<if-op-attr mode="nocase" name="StudentADD" op="equal">true</if-op-attr>
			<if-op-attr mode="nocase" name="eduPersonAffiliation" op="equal">staff</if-op-attr>
			<if-op-attr mode="nocase" name="eduPersonAffiliation" op="equal">faculty</if-op-attr>
				<token-dest-attr class-name="User" name="nspmDistributionPassword"/>

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