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Blocking Proxy Web Sites that Bypass Filters

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By David Pickett

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Posted: 20 Jun 2007


I am hoping to consolidate ideas or solutions to the everg-rowing website proxy sites that bypass filters. I have been monitoring and inputing new rules and these sites come up.


I find using the proxy cache monitor NWAdmin very effective on finding the commonly used sites and I also use BRDstats to create the HTML statistics logs of every 10MB log file I have. We currently do not use a 3rd party content filter, so therefore it's very hard to keep up the paces with these new sites that come up. I noticed that many of the sites are now providing automatic email of new proxy sites to help keep ahead of the filters.

I have found the following list for blocking search terms:


I have also used port access rules to deny access to domains. Here's my list of domains to block ...

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