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Adding GWIA Global Signatures with HTML

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By Chris Premo

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Posted: 3 Jul 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have created two global signatures in my GroupWise 7.0.2hp system -one HTML and one plain text. Whenever I send an HTML email, the plain text global signature is added; I can't add the HTML GS. (In the Tools GroupWise menu, I create a GS; in the GWIA setup, I check "use the global signature" ...)

And here's the response from Chris Premo ...


The GWIA global signature is created using ConsoleOne; there are HTML and Text versions. Depending on how you send your message (HTML or Text), the GWIA will add the appropriate one. I just tested this on my system to my Hotmail account.

Here is what I did to resolve some problems I had with this:

1. Using ConsoleOne, remove all Global Signature from the GWIA. (If you have more than one, do both. You could cut and paste to a word document to save having to retype.)

2. Check the PO(s) and remove any global signature from them also.

3. Select all GroupWise accounts and remove the Global Signature from them.

4. Synchronize all GW accounts.

5. Synchronize the PO(s) and their domain.

6. Synchronize the GWIA(s) and its domain.

7. Re-establish the GWIA Global Signature. If you want, mark it for External attachment only (this is what I did).

8. Test by sending a Text-only and an HTML message to an external account.

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