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Creating Global Categories for Mail and Calendar

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By Steve Babcock

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Posted: 3 Jul 2007


I need a way to create Global categories for Mail and Calendar for all Users.


I came up with a work-around that, while not perfect, does some of the leg work.

1. In a dummy GW account, add all the new categories you want.

2. Create a mail item and add all the categories to that mail item.

3. Archive that one mail item.

Now when I want to update a user account, I just run a FID Editor batch file to create a dummy archive for the user. Then I log in as the user and move the one archived item back into the mailbox - all the Categories are created for the user.

Another way of doing it is this:

1. Create a dummy Outlook account PST file.

2. Create the same mail item along with all the categories.

3. With the Formativ PST importer, import the PST file.

Both methods seem to work fine for a small number of users, but they are much more difficult to deploy to a large Domain.

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