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Avoiding problems with ZLM schema when upgrading to ZLM 7.2 HP2

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Posted: 21 Jun 2007

Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management - ZLM7.2
Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management - ZLM7

We have heard from some users who found that they can't add packages to a bundle after they upgraded from ZLM 7 IR1 to ZLM 7.2 HP2. Others have had trouble uploading sound adapter info after the same upgrade. Here's the skinny, from our friends in Support.

Do this before installing ZLM 7.2 HP2 to a upgraded ZLM 7 IR1 server setup. These steps are not required on a system that has a new installation of ZLM 7.2. These steps are only required if ZLM 7 IR1 is being upgraded to ZLM 7.2 HP2.

After fresh upgrade from ZLM 7 IR1 to ZLM 7.2, run the following command:

"psql -d zenworks -f <Attached_SQL_File> -U zenadmin"

This should address the zen_queue and sound_adapter tables schema related problems.

Changes to subject column in zen_queue table

CREATE TABLE "my_temp" AS SELECT * FROM "zen_queue";
DROP TABLE "zen_queue";
CREATE TABLE zen_queue (
    qid bigint NOT NULL,
    "action" character varying(64) NOT NULL,
    entry_time timestamp without time zone NOT NULL,
    status_time timestamp without time zone,
    status character(1),
    start_time timestamp without time zone,
    subject text,
    params character varying(255),
    retval character varying(255)
INSERT INTO "zen_queue" SELECT * FROM "my_temp";
DROP TABLE "my_temp";

Changes to sound_adapter, name and description column size change

CREATE TABLE "my_temp" AS SELECT * FROM "sound_adapter";
DROP TABLE "sound_adapter";
CREATE TABLE sound_adapter (
    soundadapterid bigint NOT NULL,
    name character varying(254),
    description character varying(254),
    slot character varying(64),
    hwid bigint
INSERT INTO "sound_adapter" SELECT * FROM "my_temp";
DROP TABLE "my_temp";

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