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Using LdapConnection with Windows

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By Johan Akerstrom

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Posted: 12 Sep 2007


A Forum reader recently asked:

"I'm trying to get information from eDirectory in a Novell environment, using an ldapconnection. The problem is that I get an exception when I try to connect:

LdapException: (91) Connect Error

I'm certain that the host is correct and wonder if anyone have any guesses as to what the problem may be?"

And here's the response from Johann Akerstrom ...


I tried this code and it worked. This is on .net v2.

LdapConnection lc1 = new LdapConnection(ldapHost);
lc1.AuthType = AuthType.Anonymous;
LdapConnection lc2 = new LdapConnection(ldapHost);
lc2.AuthType = AuthType.Basic;
lc.Credential = new System.Net.NetworkCredential("cn=admin,o=test", 

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